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About us

GNation is a community for people of all ages and creeds who create, play, watch and compete in video games.

We’ve united to usher in a golden age of gaming, where all the value we create as gamers, developers, competitors or viewers gets shared amongst us—instead of being siphoned out to outsiders whose only goal is to profit from our passion.

Becoming a GNation member is not a big commitment. It’s a small change in habits that can have a huge impact on your gaming experience.


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A global guild of more than two billion people

Around one third of the world’s population — that’s more than two billion people — are gamers. We are an influential, multicultural community, and we deserve better representation.

GNation is a GameCredits initiative, but it’s intended to be a decentralized, self-organizing body, open to anyone enthusiastic about gaming.

GameCredits provides the digital infrastructure, but the success of GNation depends on its members’ willingness to adopt and spread its technologies.

Our gods and heroes: GNation core beliefs

We have created some amazing technological solutions that will reverse the negative trends in the gaming industry. We believe that:

  • Game developers are gods, not bean-counters
  • Players should be immersed in their hero’s journeys, not hassled by marketers
  • The thrill of competing should be available to everybody
  • Watching others play should be rewarding, not saturated with ads

If you share our convictions, we need you on our side. Take this challenge for the chance to become one of the first GNation ambassadors.

Who is gaining from our gaming?

With more than two billion gamers generating revenues that surpass $100 billion, gaming should be a self-sufficient industry.

Yet, as gamers and developers we are dependent on third-party service providers.

Storefronts that control access to games and take large cuts but offer slow payouts

Payment processors who take their fees without providing sufficient security

Big brands who sponsor eSports competitions in order to increase the reach of their ads

But now we have the means to take back control and deprive these middle-men of their power:

The GameCredits (GAME) digital currency

GameCredits is the universal digital currency for the gaming world. It has real monetary value and anyone is free to buy, earn, spend or sell GameCredits

The transactional value of GameCredits

  • Anyone can obtain GameCredits
  • The more people use GameCredits the more its monetary value grows
  • When its value grows, so does the purchasing power of anyone who owns it

But the importance of GameCredits for GNation is not in its transactional value. Instead it’s this:

GameCredits is the technological bedrock that lets us build a whole new infrastructure for buying and selling games, conducting in-game transactions and distributing prizes, all without requiring third-party involvement.

After half a century of development, market forces are pushing gaming in the wrong direction.

Game developers

Game developers create alternate realities that let us escape the worries of the physical world. But in recent years they are facing an increasingly tough reality of their own:

  • Storefronts charge too much (developers keep only 70% per sale)
  • Payout cycles are too long (typically 60 days)
  • Fraud is too prevalent

Developers’ focus has been torn away from creating new worlds by financial pressures. To continue doing what they love they must think like bookkeepers, trying to squeeze an extra cent from gamers at every step.

These forced choices seep into virtual worlds, ruining the experience for gamers. Creativity is stifled.


From five-minute casual mobile sessions to MMORPG all-nighters, games can make us feel fully alive, focused and engaged. We become the heroes of our own stories. But the spell is easily broken by:

  • Half-baked games without timely updates
  • High price tags limiting our choices
  • Paywalls interrupting our experiences

This is a consequence of market forces that work against us. Developers either aggressively alter their games to make more money, or they run out of business.

When these hard realities intrude into our virtual experience, we no longer feel like heroes overcoming great challenges — instead, we are exposed to the naked truth that as gamers we are just data points in someone’s quarterly report.


Gaming has all the unpredictability and drama of sports combined with the immersive plots and settings of movies and TV shows. No wonder more and more people are enjoying watching others play competitive games. But at the moment this comes with several drawbacks, because you have to be willing to:

  • Suffer through advertisements
  • Reward stream providers instead of gamers and game developers
  • Settle for being a passive observer

eSports competitors

Anybody who has ever tried to top a high score or win against a live opponent knows this: gaming is more fun when it’s serious.

The switch to multiplayer gaming and the rise of eSports has given gaming a new whole new dimension. Yet, out of more than two billion gamers worldwide, only about 60 million participate in eSports. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Competitions are expensive to organize and rely on big brand sponsorships; which means that
  • The barrier to entry is too high, and only elite gamers are admitted; which
  • Requires almost full-time commitment at the expense of other life priorities

With GNation, together, we have the opportunity to steer the industry in a new direction.

Game developers

Gamers who become GNation members and start using GameCredits will change the economics of game publishing. Game developers will be able to:

  • Publish games to GStore, which lets developers keep 90% of their revenue
  • Receive payouts in as little as 60 hours (in cash, GameCredits, or a mix of both)
  • Eliminate revenue leaks caused by fraudulent transactions

The new dynamic will ease off the pressure to monetize. Larger margins will give developers some slack for taking creative risks. Fast payouts will better support small teams who will in turn be able to deliver interesting titles to narrow, previously under-appreciated niches.


GNation members who use GameCredits to buy games and conduct in-game transactions are bypassing intermediaries and directly rewarding developers. It’s a small change in habit that will have major benefits:

  • Smaller teams with interesting games that cater to narrow, previously under-appreciated niches will spring up, resulting in a wide and varied selection of titles to suit all tastes
  • Developers are incentivized to use GameCredits for in-game purchases, creating game environments where players can earn as well as spend


As a spectator sport, gaming offers unique possibilities that other forms of entertainment can’t provide. Until now, these opportunities have not been realized to their full potential. GNation members will experience new ways to enjoy gaming, like:

  • Influencing in-game events through real-time voting
  • Supporting their favorite players with real-time wagers
  • Rewarding participants without having to watch advertisements

eSports competitors

GNation will introduce eSports for everyone. Our technology will allow gamers to play competitively and make a show of it — without requiring third party organizers or hosts. Think of it as arena eSports in your pocket.

  • Competitive gameplay with wagers, instantly accessible
  • Broadcast your gameplay to anyone
  • Allow the audience to participate and influence in-game events