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Overwatch boss sits by the fire doing nothing

Dec, 25

At the end of 2017, Jeff Kaplan, the boss of Overwatch, celebrated Christmas with gamers. The new Yule log also started with Kaplan, with him sitting by the fire for about an hour, looking at the cookies that were on the table next him. When the developer reached out to take a cookie, he is struck with grief by the thought he doesn’t have milk to accompany it. With the words, “Yeah I get it. Small indie-studio right. OK, I’ll get the milk,” Kaplan gets up and heads off screen.

Then guests begin to arrive, with each warming themselves by the fire and receiving a special present each from a loot box. Then Kaplan reappears in the armchair with milk, but the guests have already eaten all of the cookies. The loot box comes to the rescue with a cookie inside. The Yule log finishes with a Christmas message from Kaplan. The whole video eight hours long.

The people in the video probably weren’t forced to sit by the fire so long, with the video lasting so long due to some clever montaging. Just as last year, there are laughs aplenty, such as when Chang takes a Selfie and when at some point Mercer whispers, “Santa Kaplan.”