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*COMING SOON* (Q1 2018)

There’s nothing more rewarding in the life of a game developer than the moment when your game goes live. The positive feedback from gamers makes all your hardship worthwhile.

On the other hand, the cold reality is that many developers with great ideas never have an opportunity to actually bring them to life.

We are here to change that.

We are here to bridge the gap between your imagination and an actual creation.

Combining the experience of all members of GNation, we are creating a platform that will make your personal miracle happen. That platform is GFunding.

GFunding is crowdfunding for games, but with all the hassle removed. The platform will allow game developers to raise funds to develop their games with GameCredits and MobileGO. Here are the basics:



  • Get incremental monthly funding with proof of their work
  • Receive a percentage of future revenues
  • Don’t have to worry about anything but game development
  • Receive top-level advice from industry experts


  • Invest into games through GFunding
  • Receive a percentage of future revenues
  • Don’t have to worry about anything more, as their payments are secured in blockchain and delivered in increments to developers
  • Can exit any time
  • Can track the game’s progress in development

Smart contract security

Revenues will be distributed automatically based on GFunding’s smart contracts, which will provide absolute security to both investors and developers. Using smart contracts will enable developers to see their current investment/payback status at any given time, ensuring transparency for all parties.

With this technology behind it, GFunding makes the whole investment process easier than ever before.