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Decentralized application for interactive viewing and player sponsoring of eSports events or any game overall. We will be releasing it as a community version, which means there will be no commissions nor guarantees of service. There are few reasons for that. First of all, there is no value in making it fully decentralized if we want to be compliant with regulations mid and long term. Secondly, eventually we want to be able to actually provide that kind of product to gamers and developers.

ETA: beginning of November


The partnership with Unity (read more about it) lead to a change of the strategy which caused a slight delay. The picture is quite different now. The goal of the store is to provide a lot of competitive features on a platform level to developers. Since attracting them is much less of an issue now, we can focus on the user interaction and retention, and strong eSports features will be the key driver here. The store will now be heavily utilizing MobileGO for eSports related activity. GameCredits will be used for game purchases and in-app transaction. — while all unique features will be supported by MobileGo tokens.

ETA: public beta in February 2018, full release with deep Unity integration – Summer 2018

Client APP

PC is a very important part of the whole GNation ecosystem, and we do need to cover it. The goal is to provide a very casual mining interface (one-button solution) and a marketplace of desktop games. However, being a part of the entire ecosystem, the client app actually allows people to spend money they have earned by mining on PC to buy games on mobile.

ETA: currently open beta, production release December 2017


Open beta was released in November. The primary function of the wallet is to let users buy mobile and desktop games, make in-app purchases, and exchange fiat and other digital assets for GameCredits. High security, fast transactions and unlimited deposits are its standout features. On top of that, it will be deeply integrated with GFunding and GShare, tying everything together into one coherent GNation ecosystem.

ETA: dual version rollout (LITE and PRO) January 2018


The purpose of our funding platform is to use the benefits of blockchain to create a secure and transparent crowd-funding platform that surpasses the limitations of existing crowd-funding models. Developers will be able to get incremental monthly funding with proof of their work, or a percentage of future revenues. Investors can track the progress of games and also receive revenue percentages. The platform is based on smart contracts and will also be tied with the rest of the GNation ecosystem.

ETA: Beta version Q2 2018, production Q3 2018