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Unity Partnership

The most important innovation since The Internet, this technology will change how you create, publish and monetize games


The internet gave us worldwide multiplayer gaming; the smartphone put a gaming machine into everyone’s pocket. And now, blockchain will redefine the business model of the industry to give game developers more creative freedom and new revenue streams.

GNation, powered by the GameCredits digital asset, is an ecosystem of products offering Unity users the best of what blockchain technologies have to offer to game creators.

GPlay higher earnings and faster payouts for your games

GPlay is a mobile gaming store that uses a blockchain-based payment gateway to offer higher earnings and faster payouts:

  • No 60-day payout periods. With GNation you can receive payments in 60 hours.
  • No deposit limits. Restrictions on deposits curb developers’ revenue potential. GNation removes this hurdle, allowing unlimited deposits.
  • No more fraud. Focus on developing games without worrying about fraudulent transactions, thanks to the blockchain immutable ledger.
  • More money for you. Google Play and Apple take a 30% cut, whereas our mobile platform lets you keep 90%.

Competitive gameplay for mass audiences

GPlay is different from any other mobile game store because it is built to support competitive gameplay. Competitive gameplay can take many forms:

  • eSports (decentralized tournaments or one-on-one match play with automated result providing)
  • Player sponsoring (increase the stakes in competitive matchplay by supporting one of the players)
  • Interactive viewing (audiences will be able to influence in-game events for other players)

GFunding (upcoming)

Unity democratized game development with accessible development tools, leading to an explosion of new genres and titles.

The next step is to democratize game funding.

GFunding is crowdfunding for games, but with all the hassle removed. The platform will allow game developers to raise funds to develop their games in a secure and transparent way, without intermediaries between investors and developers.

  • Get incremental monthly funding with proof of their work
  • Receive a percentage of future revenues
  • Don’t have to worry about anything but game development
  • Receive top-level advice from industry experts


Unity and GameCredits are working together to provide deep integration of the GNation ecosystem into Unity development tools—including single click publishing to GPlay.

An SDK that will allow developers to integrate competitive features and GPlay-compatibility in their games with minimal ode editing is also in development.