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Simple Tips For Better More Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Easy Tips For Happier Environment

1. Replace disposable beverage tubes with reusable metal ones.

Plastic straws are one most common ocean trash, each year 1million sea birds and 100.000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic. They are hard to recycle, very light so wind easily carries them into water. Plastic straws take up to 200 years to degrade, but will never be fully off the Earth, as plastics are not biodegradable.

One of the basic rules of eco-friendly lifestyle is the use of reusable items. This is due to the fact that minimizing the production of garbage is much better than its sorting and recycling. But if the advantages of glass to plastic cups are obvious to everyone, then many other disposable things can be difficult to find an alternative.

Recently reusable beverage tubes have become increasingly popular. They can be made of thick plastic, metal or even bamboo! Choose the metal, it is more durable, more environmentally friendly and does not absorb odors.

Use rechargeable batteries instead of single use batteries.

One battery can contaminate 400 liters of water and 20 m² of soil with harmful components! To reduce these indicators, it is necessary, firstly, to hand over batteries to special collection points, where they will be disposed of correctly, and secondly, to reduce the number of ejected copies. To do this, if possible buy rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. They can be used repeatedly, periodically recharging from the network. Most types of batteries have at least 1000 charge-discharge cycles, so they can last for several years. In this case, you will not only reduce the harmful effects on the environment, but also save, because you no longer have to buy batteries.

Turn down the brightness on the computer and other gadgets.

The brightness of the monitor directly affects the power consumption, since in the LCD monitors the main consumer of energy is the backlight. The larger the screen, the more electricity is spent. In addition, a too bright screen damages your vision!

100% brightness on the phone and tablet leads to a rapid discharge of technology. If you have a computer and a laptop, then if possible, use the second - a laptop eats less electricity.

Move the refrigerator in the shade

In order to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by the refrigerator simply put it away from heat sources.

It should not be next to a stove, battery, heater, it should not fall into direct sunlight - all this "excess heat" by 30% increases the consumption of electricity by the refrigerator. It is enough to find the right place for the refrigerator to reduce power consumption.

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