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Popular streamer Ninja and his top charity donations

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With many Youtubers and Streamers on Twitch, we have seen loads of charities over the years which have aided many people in need. From Pewdiepie’s charities which we covered in our other article (Link it) to many others such as Ninja’s Suicide Prevention Charity Stream.

In February 6th of 2018, In an effort to raise awareness for suicide prevention, Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins) orchestrated a magnificent charity stream. His loss of a friend to suicide was what inspired him to promote this wonderful cause. Working with Tiltify, a platform that specializes in fundraising through streaming, he honored that friend and many others affected by suicide. As he usually does every time he goes live, Ninja received enormous support from his viewers.

The initial goal of the stream was to raise $25,000, a target which was blown by after a few hours. The popular streamer was even having difficulty keeping up with all of the alerts. The Stream ended up raising $52.000 after 5 hours and exceeded $100.000 after 8. Pausing every few minutes and with tears in his eyes, thanking the Stream for the support they have shown. With constant reminder from Ninja, about how serious the subject was and how any contribution goes a long way towards the #StopSuicide campaign.

2018 was an eventful year for Ninja in terms of charity events, later in April also joining the #Clips4Kids event followed by fellow streamers such as Dr.Lupo and Timthetatman and in total, he helped raise over $340.000. At E3 2018, Blevis and Marshmello won the Fortnite Pro-Am event and donated $1 million to a charity of their choice.

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