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GNation Partners call for joining forces to fight against Coronavirus

15 Mar, 2020

GNation platform provides to the community all they need to make our common home a better place. And now it is the time to take the action.

Thousands of GNation partners began to spread the information and help people to be informed and to be protected against Coronavirus. They use their social media channels to inform followers to be careful and take good care go themselves. It is the only way how to make everybody be informed and not to be forgotten and it is the power that GNation will have when “GNation platform” will be released to build the biggest Good Nation community and protect the world.

GNation partner Baka Prasa (Top 1 Serbian influencer with cumulative audience more than 2.5 mil.) said: ““We need to be strong. Simple steps and actions could help to save your life and also many others. Stay alert and don’t forget to:

- wash your hands
- drink water more often
- use medical masks when go on public
- try keep the distance of 1m with anyone
Let’s be careful and smart.

6. Thousands of GNation partners give more advices and help to their followers and people. This summer GNation platform will be released and it will help millions of people and businesses to work together and to Do Good.