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There's a new games industry mental health charity called Safe In Our World

29 Okt., 2019

Article from: PC Game Insider

Author: Alex Calvin

A new charity called Safe In Our World is trying to raise awareness of mental health within the games industry.

The organisation has been announced today - World Mental Health Day - with the aim of "affecting positive change" within the market. One of the ways it is doing this is highlighting video games that deal with mental health issues, the first of which is Fractured Minds which was made by BAFTA Young Games Designer 2017 prize winner Emily Mitchell.

The charity has been founded by industry bets, including Wired Productions' boss and comms head Leo Zullo and Neil Broadhead, as well as LittleBigPR co-founder Gareth Williams, with 2K vet Aaron Cooper and Wired product manager Al Hibberd.

“The video games industry creates worlds for a huge number of vulnerable people, and it is our duty to help and support them," chair and trustee Leo Zullo said.

"We can reach them and share this message if we work together; we can actually make a difference.” He continued, “Safe In Our World is the first step in these efforts, and we’re delighted with the response within the industry and the partners and individuals who are joining this initiative.”

Fellow trustee Gina Jackson added: “There’s so much work to do in both awareness and the changing of attitudes within our industry, as well as within the communities we create and serve. Safe In Our World takes its first steps today, and we’re delighted that Emily has allowed Fractured Minds to support the charity. It’s such a poignant experience, and one we’re humbled she’s allowing us to share with the world in aid of Safe In Our World.”

This is the latest initiative designed to raise awareness of and talk about mental health within the games industry. Back in 2013, former IGDA head Kate Edwards founded Take This to help people in the industry handle mental health issues, with Devolver and Good Shepherd co-founder Mike Wilson joining the board later in the day.