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Impact Summit 2019 Results

18 Sept., 2019

On September 16-17 in Zug, Switzerland, GNation took part in an Impact Summit “Ocean. Health. Consumption” held by SIIA.

This summit raised one of the biggest problems today’s world is facing — the water. Currently the World is insufficiently protecting oceans leading to the devastating pollutions, and this summit gathered all the most powerful global impact organizations in order to unite in this fight for the living.

GNation project was one of the main topics at the event. The founder of GNation, Sergey Sholom, gave a speech about the project, describing our future development plans and how the people being united and empowered all together are going to save the planet. The speech was welcomed warmly, as all the caring people at the event understood how powerful GNation idea is and how it can help every being on Earth. This event helped us to gain new support and strong partnerships which we will announce soon.

You can learn more about the summit and other participants by following the link https://siia.ch/zug-impact-summit-2019/. The full report of the event will be available very soon.

We are very satisfied with the results of the event and we can see the brighter future coming very soon.

Let’s save the world together!