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June 4th 2019. GNation at the United Nations headquarters

10 jun., 2019

Sergey Sholom, the founder of GNation, took part in the annual Blockchain for Impact Global Summit at the UN’s headquarters in New York on June 4th, 2019. The Summit convenes over 100 BFI member organizations that share a passion for achieving profound environmental and social impact.

Sergey has made a speech on behalf of GNation. In the speech he described the basic principles of GNation and how efficient it could be at solving problems the World is facing today. His speech was warmly welcomed by the audience. It is obvious that the way of how Good Nation is designed to help the world is unique and powerful.

Participating in such a significant summit is a huge step for GNation on its way to change the world, but without a doubt is not the last one. Though GNation is only at the beginning of its path, it has already reached very impressive heights. GNation urges people to unite and put their combined efforts to make life on Earth better.

Here is the link of Sergey’s full presentation:


On this GNation presentation in UN there has been special attention put to the value of influencers, celebrities, those who have millions of followers. No matter what society thinks about them there are so many of them who wants to give this influence power a real sense and value. And they are joining Good Nation for a bigger cause to unite all the people on the planet towards impact. This outstanding act or support and attachment to the cause we all can observe now by looking at numbers that these new arrived GNation Partners represent: www.gn.org/partners

Sergey on one of the questions has expressed outstanding value and importance of gaming community in impact. It is an absolute turning point in perception of gaming and significance of impact to be made with kids around the world:


For full text of Sergey's performance please follow this link