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Shirley's Way Gaming Room Helps Cancer Patients

14 окт., 2019

Article from: Spectrum News 1

Author: Amber Smith

Khalil's opened a charitable gaming room with electronic pull tabs, which are similar to slot machines. A percentage of the profits go back to Shirley's Way, an organization that helps Louisville area cancer patients financially.

"People shouldn't have to worry about this. There is too much money in the world for somebody that is sick to lose everything," Shirley's Way CEO Mike Mulrooney said.

The organization, named in honor of Mulrooney's mother, has given away over 813,000 since 2014. The goal is to give away $2.5 million by the 10-year anniversary of the organization. With the gaming room currently bringing in a couple of thousand dollars a week for the charity, the organization is well on its way to meeting that goal.

"We say it is three wins. Obviously, we are going to win some money on the gaming machines, so that is win one. Win two is that a lot of people are winning money. We paid out over $30,000 in winners in August for our first month. We had a lot of people winning. Then, the community wins because the money we raise off the machines is going back to someone in need," Mulrooney said.

The gaming brings people in, but the cause keeps them coming back.

"I think it's really cool that it's actually doing good for people out there," customer Megan Edwards said.

Shirley's Way also holds raffle drawings, concerts and more to make a difference for cancer patients in the area.