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29 Aug., 2019

Today's announcement: GNation Foundation is registered in Zug under the Swiss law.

Incorporation in Switzerland gives countless opportunities for the future development and an additional strength which is needed to build a safe and sustainable environment for the future generations!

Switzerland has a perfect strategic location and positioning. Being in the heart of Europe gives a swift access to almost any spot in the world, and that is very important in our worldwide mission.

It is the world centre of innovations. Due to Swiss approach to the intellectual property regulations it attracts the most talented and skilled people all around the world to come and create, giving these people all the opportunities to have their rights protected and ideas developed. Most of the global influencers are also incorporated in Switzerland, and being side-to-side with these caring people will give us even more power to save the planet.

GNation project was thoroughly discussed with Canton Zug’s officials and they found our ideas great and fitting into their environment. We have been warmly welcomed and we are very glad to be accepted.

Incorporation is Switzerland is a very serious step and it is the guarantor of stability and prosperity for GNation. It is much easier to spread your ideas and influence having a solid ground, so here is our new home!