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How Tiltify is changing gamification for a new generation of fundraisers

13 авг., 2019

Article from: Campfire

This month saw the UK launch of the crowdfunding platform Tiltify, aimed specifically at livestreamers to help them raise money for charitable causes.

Whilst fundraising through livestreaming is nothing new – with plenty of YouTubers and Twitch gamers using their content to mobilise their subscribers to donate – the fundraising platform marks a new era for UK-based streamers and charities alike.

Working with non-profit organisations, the peer-to-peer platform will see online gamers and influencers join up with charities to drive donations.

Whereas before, audience members wishing to donate would have had to navigate away from what they’re watching, Tiltify’s direct integration with platforms like Twitch, means streamers can include payment options such as PayPal and Amazon Pay in their videos, rather than linking viewers away to separate payment pages.

Tiltify also allows streamers to offer incentives to donate, chat with their audience and answer questions. Donors can see how a campaign progresses toward its goals in real time. All features that drive more people to give their money to these causes!

Already established in the US for some years before it’s UK launch, charities and gamers have raised big bucks via Tiltify with around 10,000 campaigns last year.

In 2018, £2.3 million was donated to the St Jude Children’s Hospital in America via a live stream during GuardianCon – a gaming event in Florida.

In the UK, Brighton-based YouTube gamer Jacksepticeye has raised £1.2 million for non-profits on his charity livestream videos.

The platform isn’t just limited to gamers either, Tiltify also supports other livestreaming crowdfunding activites, from mass participation events like runs and walks for charity, music performance broadcasts and even cooking videos.

The numbers speak for themselves, which is why UK charities WaterAid, the Make-A-Wish foundation and Cats Protection have all got in on the act with their own charity profiles or plans to use the platform for future campaigns.

We fully expect to see more UK charities look to live streaming as a fundraising avenue in the future. Especially given the number of people in the UK who have been donating to US causes through Tiltify. So watch this space, Tiltify has officially landed on our UK shores and is here to stay!

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