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TheRockinR Gaming Charity to provide interactive mobile gaming equipment to the 21 UK principle cancer trust centres

6 Aug., 2019

Article from: Press Releases

Wakefield, UK, June 13 2019 - TheRockinR Gaming Charity, set up to provide interactive gaming equipment to children and young adults spending time in hospitals and hospices, has today announced it is providing mobile gaming equipment to 21 principle cancer trust centres across the country. The installments will give young patients the opportunity to play video games whilst in hospital and gain strength from the entertainment this provides.

TheRockinR Gaming Charity was founded by Jonny and Carol Miree after losing their 11-year-old son Reece to an inoperable and incurable brain tumour known as DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). The charity’s aim is to provide relief, offer a distraction, and even support education through the medium of gaming in hospitals and hospices. Made possible with the support of Ergotron ®, and the charity’s ongoing fundraising efforts, TheRockinR provides gaming equipment that can be wheeled to a patient’s bedside, treatment room or patient waiting areas.

“We are delighted to be playing a role in bringing joy to children and young adults spending time in hospitals and hospices through the power of gaming,” said Jonny Miree, Founder, TheRockinR Gaming Charity. “Our goal is to support children and young adults throughout the United Kingdom and we will be furthering our efforts by donating mobile gaming equipment to 21 principle cancer trust centres across the country.

“We know whilst Reece was in the hospital, wheeling in a mobile gaming unit would have meant the world to him, giving him a welcome distraction, and it would have brought a big smile to his face, for sure. We want to bring this accessibility to gaming and the benefits associated with it to as many young people as possible and this is another big step along the way.”

Every mobile gaming unit is built on an Ergotron ® StyleView ® cart and is customised to include:
● An Xbox One S games console, pre-loaded with eight of the latest age-appropriate games
● Two wireless controllers to promote interaction between patients, family members and healthcare professionals
● 24” high definition VESA mounted console gaming monitor

About TheRockinR Gaming Charity
TheRockinR Gaming Charity was founded in 2018 by Jonny and Carol Miree, the parents of Reece Miree, who sadly lost his battle with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). Driven by Reece’s love and passion for gaming, the charity aims to create and maintain experiences that produce joy and contentment, whilst minimising stress and anxiety for patients. Through the use of mobile gaming carts, TheRockinR provides the opportunity for children and young adults to promote interaction with other children whilst offering some sense of normality and belonging to both patients and families spending time on hospital wards.