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GNation launches projects to fight against consequences of Coronavirus

17 März, 2020

We continue to claim that right now fight against COVID-19 applies to everyone. Many countries are taking emergency measures to isolate and fight the virus to save many lives and overcome pandemic. Unfortunately, these inevitable measures lead to сlosure of many businesses or their temporary restriction: restaurants, travel agencies, air carriers, offline shops and many others suffer from financial losses due to global quarantine. People stay at home spending more time online, this kind of a lifestyle leads to the growth of many remote or digital businesses who provide their services or sell good via internet.

GNation is a social marketing platform that unites people, influencers and businesses into a network to create goodness and help each other. In the context of the spread of the COVID-19 and, as a result, changes in the lifestyle of people. Starting this day GNation, together with its partners, concentrates all its power on running and supporting projects and activities aimed at overcoming hardship brought to modern world by the coronavirus. Our ultimate goal is to help many businesses and companies to restructure their work and substitute losses with new opportunities.

We have agreed on this decision as we received several requests from many GNation partners, both businesses and influencers/celebrities. Half of them needs help and half of them wants to help. We are ready to act today, and don't have to wait till the launch of the platform. We are fully sharing their passion to begin this movement and we are pretty sure that a lot of people will support it and its projects.

GNation projects will be widely publicised and promoted by GNation Partners so they can be supported by thousands of people. Before the launch of the GNation platform, we and our partners will do our best to complete as many projects as we only can.

The GNation platform will be launched in the summer of 2020, providing all the people with opportunity to Do Good and it will change the world . A lot of businesses and many influencers have a tremendous role to play in this movement which they are go to lead. New opportunities for promoting their products and services for business, as well as attracting huge audience with growing loyalty, will bring success in this world which is moving towards digitalisation rapidly.

Follow our coming projects together with GNation Partners and let’s give it a hand together.