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AI music project to help young carers

1 Feb, 2019

The charity and university have teamed up to test the use of artificial-intelligence-enhanced music to help young carers tackle loneliness and social isolation.

Greater Manchester-based charity Gaddum and Manchester Metropolitan University project will test artificial intelligence (AI) technology used to read facial expressions and interpret them with music and sounds.

The music will be created during a series of workshops where young carers will share their experiences of loneliness and explore ways music can help them.

“This is an innovative project, working with young carers in what should be an exciting time of their lives as they study for their future,” said Gaddum Chief Executive Lynne Stafford.

“We hope that this partnership with the skilled team at Manchester Metropolitan University will reach out to this audience to tackle loneliness, raise awareness of the issues they face and bring people together.”

The project has been backed by the government and Co-op Foundation’s Building Connections Fund, which is looking to tackle loneliness in deprived areas.

There are an estimated 280,000 young carers living in Greater Manchester who look after a family member with disabilities or health problems. Young carers can be particularly vulnerable to social isolation and bullying.