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À propos de GNation


GNation (Good Nation) is a global movement and the first Ethical Social Network.GNation stands for Good Nation and is intended for people who want to take active part in doing good. We are all part of Good Nation and we are proud to tell our friends and families about our causes and global impact.


To build and engage the community, the largest nation on earth – the nation of those who do good.


To create a humongous power of good by uniting and empowering people and businesses for making together good changes to our world in a more productive and effective way.


GNation drives and accelerates donations through unique digital platform based on blockchain by gamifying interactions, offering a dynamic environment revolving around impact with full transparency and accountability to the users. By stimulating individual donors to actively participate in the decision-making process of which charities get donations, corporations and other foundations effectively leverage their giving to a worldwide audience of users.


GNation is people like you and me and who care about the world, influencers and celebrities and bloggers with millions of followers, companies who are interested in boosting sales and loyalty to their brands and non-profit organizations that are working on numerous projects to improve the world.



Utilization of public ledger technology (Blockchain) to provide full transparency and accountability of incoming donations and charitable distributions.

Allows corporations to bolster brand image with CSR budget and promote messaging with existing and potential stakeholders.

First mover in engaging individual users, NGOs, foundations and ESG corporations on a global basis. Positive and meaningful information sharing on new and existing impact projects that users want to learn about and be empowered to mobilize capital to their interest.

Full Transparency – By utilizing Blockchain technology on a public ledger, GNation provides accountability on all capital received and directed to independently verified impact projects.

Social & Economic ROIs – Unique investment opportunity that creates and mobilizes billions of new capital to important social projects globally while providing potential for superior economic returns to early capital partners.

Zero fees - no commissions or hidden costs. All funds are reaching the projects in full.





4.4 Billion people with internet connection worldwide
3.8 Billion use social media
144 minutes a day is an average daily time spent on social networking



This platform, as a product, becomes especially relevant in the transforming world during the raging pandemic situation and the global warming and the consequences they lead to. GNation follows a new and powerful trend of increasing people and companies social and impact activities.



816 million people in a cumulative reach of all GNation Partners social media channels
4000+ influencers joined GNation and became GNation Partners
100+ businesses joined GNation