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GNation at Cannes Lions 2019

17 juin, 2019 - 20 juin, 2019
Cannes Lions Festival, France

One of the most difficult and most important tasks in any good deed is the spread of information about it. In a world that creates a huge amount of informational noise, it is very important to find a worthy and reliable source that will help to convey truly important thoughts and ideas.
Within the framework of the Cannes Lions International Festival, one of the largest software company SAP together with the NPO “The PVBLIC Foundation” organized the SDG Media Zone, a project that helps to cover all the important innovations, partnerships and discussions related to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thanks to this project, more and more caring people join the various movements involved in saving the planet.

Sergey Sholom, founder of GNation, took part in this project, giving an interview with Eric Tippets, co-founder of NASGO. Both projects have a similar ideology: use the capabilities of the blockchain in order to change the world for the better.

At the beginning of the half-hour interview, Sergey told what advantages the blockchain has and how it can help. Among the main advantages, he highlighted the ability of people to communicate with each other without any restrictions, the ability to make decisions by communities and not by someone higher up, and of course, absolute transparency and accessibility of information.

Talking about the goals of the project and the work of the platform, Sergey said that GNation will give an opportunity for everyone to make the world a better place. Everyone has something to share, and it is not just money. Any person has the most important resource - time. And even just by spending a few minutes of his life anyone can make their own impact in saving the world.

The host also addressed the topic of gaming and how the gaming community can help. Sergey replied that the gaming community is huge and keeps growing, and this community has an incredible potential to save the planet. With help of GNation ordinary people will have an opportunity to help starving children or dolphins in the ocean while playing favorite games. Sergey noted that many gamers have a crisis of finding the meaning of their existence. The society is pushing and thinking that this activity is useless and destructive for a human being, but GNation will help to prove the opposite, making gamers one of the most powerful tools in saving humanity.

We all sincerely believe that the blockchain, namely GNation, will help change the world for the better and make the life of future generations on Earth beautiful. And SDG Media Zone is the very important step for the project, because only by spreading our ideas will we be able to realize these cherished dreams.

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