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5 Ways we can help in fighting Air Pollution

5 Ways we can fight Air Pollution


The devastating fact is that no matter what we do we leave a carbon footprint on the environment, driving car to work, eating out of season food, using electricity? Unfortunately, yes, we pollute no matter what we do because that food needed to be transported to your local market from other side of the world, coal power plants produce energy and release a lot of harmful stuff into the air etc. But it's not all dark and gloomy, we can do many things to decrease pollution we leave behind us! Here are some simple ways we can alter our daily routines to decrease our carbon footprint:

1. Don’t drive during rush hour.

It is a well-known fact that during rush hour, when we are all stuck in traffic, the gas released from our cars is taking a heavy toll on the environment. While most take comfort in their own rides, it is neither environmental friendly nor cost efficient.

The best solution is to walk or cycle your way to work, as it is both healthy for our bodies as well as the environment. We understand that not all people can do just that, thus taking the public transport such as a bus or metro would also be a valid second choice.

If you can’t walk or cycle to work but still wish to earn bonus points, worry not! Renting a place near your work place so you don’t have to drive!

Or if you can afford it, switch to an electric car! It is no secret that electric cars are going to be the future. If one can afford one already and wishes to impact the environment in a positive way, electric car is the way to go. Without gas constantly being released into the air, the levels of pollution would drop significantly.

2. Share a ride

We understand that not all will be contempt with public transport or physical workout in the morning to get to work, thus there are many more solutions to this problem. Sharing a ride with a colleague or two, is both reducing the number of vehicles in traffic as well as giving you a better company enabling socialization.

3. Composting Waste

Composting is a process by which organic waste are broken down by microorganisms into simpler forms. The microorganisms use the carbon in the waste as an energy source. This not only removes the waste which we gathered, but removes the need for a plastic bag for it to be removed. If you have a yard, consider doing this.

4. Use Renewable Energy

We know that not everyone can afford solar energy plates to put on top of their houses, but the little things we can do using equipment which can be solar powered such as an external charger which you can leave in a car can help in reducing the necessity of power plants. There are also solar-powered: flashlights, chargers, Outdoor LED lights, camping lanterns, wireless solar keyboards, solar Bluetooth speakers or portable Power Stations

5. Plant a tree

As simple as that, if you have a garden fill it with trees and flowers. Buy plants for your apartment or balcony, ask for more plants at your workplace or even better organize team buildings to plant trees instead of some other costly options. Not only you are helping the environment but raising your quality of life: "As on average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four!" by Thought.coWorld Health Organization has some very interesting videos you can watch.