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2 sept., 2019

September 16-17 in Zug, Switzerland, an Impact Summit will be held by Swiss Impact Investment Association. This year the event is going to gather all the main organizations and people that fight for the planet and are capable of making an impact. GNation is going to participate too, being the one of the focuses at the event.

The name of the summit “Ocean. Health. Consumption” speaks for itself: one of the biggest problems on our planet today is the water problem. 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by the oceans, and the world is currently protecting just 2%. Water pollution is devastating, as it affects not only the life in the water, but the life on land as well. Most of the drinking water we have is the water that steamed from the ocean to the sky and fell on earth as a rain, therefore ocean condition is also affecting human health, leading to the numerous diseases and an overall decrease of life quality.

UN set a goal of protecting 30% of the ocean, and at this summit people are going to discuss different ideas, approaches and concrete projects to solve the rising challenges related to this topic. One of the strongest weapons against water pollution today is the power of community and it is GNation! We are going to present how people being together are capable to solve it.

GNation invites all its Partners and friends to join the Summit. You can learn more about it and find additional information by following the link [(].