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speaking the universal language of gaming

GNation is a community for gamers of all ages and creeds. We understand your needs because we’re gamers, just like you.

Enter GNation

Every third person on this planet is a gamer. That means that you already belong to the biggest community in the world. And that community has just become a nation.

GNation’s mission is to unite gamers and game developers all around the world and give them the acknowledgment they deserve.

Together, we are powerful. Together, we can change gaming for good.

Together, we are GNation.



Unite gamers

Gaming is an influential culture, with more than 2.4 billion gamers around the world. GNation will bring gamers together, make our voice heard and work to improve gaming for everyone.

Reward developers

Game developers have been getting a raw deal for too long. Using the power of blockchain, GNation will give developers a much bigger slice of the pie and deliver their money sooner.

Encourage competitors

Until now, competitive gaming has only been available to a select few gamers. GNation will level the playing field, allowing dedicated gamers to make an income from their passion.

Expand audiences

eSports is one of the fastest-growing spectator sports in the world. Through GNation’s eSports platform, fans will be able to watch competitions live, without being bombarded by ads.