Nation of gamers.

GNation is an ecosystem for the world's 2.4 billion gamers. It's a confederation of gaming companies. It's a high-tech initiative with an audacious vision of reinventing gaming. We have the technology. Come contribute to the vision. The future is ours to make.

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Gshare is aimed at gamers to enable them to easily obtain in-game items, participate in e-sport tournaments and donate to charity without paying for any of those.

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Earn rewards and help the world by playing games.

GNation delivers the excitement of competitive gaming, and lets you help make the world a better place through play.

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What if your computer paid for your gaming habit? With GShare, it can. What will you do with the money you save?

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Our mission

GNation is building a worldwide community of game players and publishers. Join us!

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